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    Uh oh, ants are attacking your cupcake! Hurry and salvage what you can from the massive ant attack . Keep them from reaching the tasty treat by quickly smashing them with your finger. If they reach the cupcake they will begin tearing it apart to carry the morsels back to their colony. If you smash ants carrying food back, other ants will pick up the morsel and try to finish carrying it to their home. Can you fend them off and protect your precious cupcake?

    In two player mode, you face each other in a frantic battle where both of you race smash more ants from your colony. Sometimes a "Power-up" appears in the middle of the screen and the quickest player can drag it to their side to activate it. These will be critical in defeating the other player. Other times a "Mess-up" will appear and you have to drag it to the opponents side of the screen before they do it to you. These will make smashing ants harder for the other player while you laugh at their misfortune. Now you can answer the ultimate question between you and your friends and family... "Who is the ant smashing king?"

    ➪ Single play mode that automatically adapts to the skill of the player each time. Great for any age or skill level. Who's better... your 5 year old or your grandma?

    ➪ Frantic two player mode that will make repeatedly you cry out "rematch!"

    ➪ Amazing music tracks contributed by top "chiptune" artists. *Art and music inspired by 16-bit games (Super Nintendo/Sega genesis)*

    Google Play Link:
    (also coming to Amazon, Nook, and iOS soon)

    Single player mode - Save the cupcake!

    2 player vs. mode

    Download it now!
    01-23-2013 07:01 PM

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