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    Do you have kids or want to know what it is like to have them?
    Through the screams, laughter and the sound of the last bell, hordes of children fly out of school in an infinite stream!
    The parents want to quickly pick up their children and go home, but they cannot handle them.
    So youve got the chance to help them. Lets test your attention and speed!
    It is simple: catch the kids and match them up with the parents. Look for physical clues as to which parent and child are a match.

    Key Features:
    - unique gameplay
    - 3 game locations
    - 6 different parents
    - 8 different kids
    here are some children who dont have a parent waiting for them. Let those kids pass!
    - Amazing hand-drawn graphics
    - 9 languages supported
    - Easy-to-use interface
    There are many more great games at splashfoxgames.com




    Link to Google Play:

    02-04-2013 02:01 PM

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