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    Do you want to have fun while walking or running to a destination? Get a GPS fix, set your destination, hit "Race Him" button and run to save your beloved ones !!!

    Google play link :


    Qr code :

    Race the Killer is an outdoor location based game that uses GPS to help you beat a Killer that tries to get to your destination first and kill everybody there!!!

    The concept of the game is the race against a Killer (an icon marker on a Google Map) that tries to approach your destination (represented by a House icon marker) and kill the people inside it.

    You have to get there first in order to save them !!!

    Lets see how it works:

    After you get a GPS fix you can see a detective icon marker that shows your location on the map.

    Then you can double tap on the map to set your destination that is showed up by a House icon marker.

    Finally just hit the "Race Him" button and a Killer icon marker will appear near you and start moving through the nearby streets trying to get to your destination first and kill everybody there!!!

    You can try to win this race by following your own route or you can press the route button to show or hide the route the killer will follow. That gives you instructions on how to get to the destination you set too but will probably, depending on your phone model, affect the speed of the Killer if the route is showing on the map (Killer position and Google map may refresh slower).

    Also there are many speeds you can choose from for the Killer on start up in order to match your own walking/running style with him and have a fun race !!!
    02-05-2013 04:40 PM

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