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    Hello! My new game Memory Cards!

    Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...n.memory.cards

    My memory trainer is based on regular playing cards that everyone is familiar with, which made it possible to train three ways of memorizing at once:
    - breaking into parts helps memorize information in smaller portions;
    - grouping makes it easier to memorize a common characteristic of a group of objects;
    - linking helps establish relations between objects without having to memorizing all of them.

    Tasks in Memory Cards are meant to train memory and improve your attention at the same time, since your memory only keeps facts captured with the help of your attention.

    Memory Cards features:
    - a test mode allowing you to compare your results to those of other players
    - 2 training modes
    - 4 difficulty levels
    - 12 card hands for each difficulty level

    The goal of the first training mode is to memorize all the cards shown by the program, then, depending on the task, either pick them or specify how many cards of this type have been dealt in the current hand.

    In the second training mode, you need to memorize the cards shown and then answer questions about the specified cards.

    The testing mode shuffles modes, tasks and hands and gradually increases their difficulty. The test continues until the user loses or all the tasks are completed. You get points for every completed task and their number depends on the correctness of your answers.

    [GAME][FREE][2.2+] Memory Cards - Memory Trainer-screenshot_2013-02-07-15-26-51.png[GAME][FREE][2.2+] Memory Cards - Memory Trainer-screenshot_2013-02-07-14-09-24.png
    02-07-2013 12:11 PM

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