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    Title: Angry Face
    Requires Android: 2.2+
    Contetn Rating: Everyone
    Category: Acrade & Action
    Game Description:
    Did you tired from fruit ninja or angry birds? Do you want to try some new game?
    This is special game with elements of teaser and arcade.

    Good game to play in airplane, train or in road to pass a time.
    Gather the keys to open the doors to next level. Try to not getting saws.
    Nothing to do at work? Get a fun then! Accept the challenge on hard core level!

    - Draw the way using your fingers.
    - Check your brain and reflexes
    - Easy and clear to start playing
    - Swipe the screen to define the way for angry face

    Link to goole play:



    From myself:
    I made this game alone completely, it was took 1.5 years of my free time when I was nothing to do. I just wanted to get experience in java, android and game development.
    I can't say "Wow! This is a game what you were lookig for!", I'm even not sure how much people could pass all of the levels and dont spell
    any of bad words. I don't know does someone will enjoy this game. If this game is epic fail - fine, If someone will download - fine.
    I can't say i don't care, it's important to know for me what people will say.
    02-18-2013 12:09 PM

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