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    Please download and give us a feedback. This is my first effort and your feedback will be our input from improvement.

    "Unscramble Expert" is a "mental" word game to solve scrambled words
    in a methodical way. It comes with over 150 words to challenge and
    de-stress your mind.

    The features include 1) hints and lifelines 2) a scratchpad to solve
    the word by first solving for simpler words. 3) a scoring system to
    self-pat-you-on-the-back 4) leader-board to see how you are doing with
    your fellow players 5) a pleasing UI 6) meaning of the solved words g)
    How to pronounce the words 7) Look up the solved word in online
    dictionaries 9)Share and challenge the word you solved with friends 8)
    Enter your own unscrambled word from say a News Paper.
    If you have ever played JUMBLE or Scrabble you are aware of the charm
    of unscrambling scrambled words. The process also helps your "plastic"
    brain to grow. The "Unscramble Expert" has a feature called "scratch
    pad" to aid and improve the platiscity of the brain. It works like
    this: To solve for an unknown large problem start with a simpler
    problem. The simpler problem will start the "churn and drift" in the
    brain and will gradually forge pathways for solving the larger
    problem. Especially the process of seeking alternatives and delving on
    each alternative is a fundamental way to solve problems. The "scratch
    pad" in this game is designed to try and remember alternatives as a
    history of how you have arrived at the final solution.

    "Unscramble Expert" is an odd game where spending longer with a word
    to solve is actually more satisfying than finding the answer right
    away. With "Unscramble Expert" you will make intimate friends with
    words again!

    Use "Unscramble Expert" and discover the charm of taming an
    "unyielding lover". The longer the game the more memorable. We have
    chosen over 150 of those to try your mind.

    Despite our utter confidence in your PUISSANCE you may run into one
    that is RECALCITRANT (Obstinately Uncooperative). So we have provided
    hints and ACCOUTREMENTS to swallow the pride and go at it again.
    02-18-2013 09:34 PM

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