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    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...mium2&hl=en_GB
    Game Trailer:

    Take on the role of enthusiastic adventurer Dakota Jackson and travel around the world on a mission to uncover rare artefacts. Backed by the philanthropic millionaire Donald Morgan you'll never run short of firepower should you run into any trouble in your adventures. Watch out as eerie mummies lurk around every corner in the ancient Egyptian tombs, mythical genies will block your way in the Babylonian dungeons, supernatural guards stalk the corridors of Aztec ruins and the Chinese catacombs are filled with the infamous terracotta warriors!

    There are 80 levels spread across 4 unique game worlds, with 5 different gameplay styles. Or just play survival mode for freestyle fun. Best of all Bombergeddon is completely free to play, so what are you waiting for? Light the fuse and get ready for some explosive Bomberman-style arcade action!
    Game features:
    ★ Blast your way through 80 levels across 4 unique game worlds
    ★ Set the fuse on 14 explosive varieties of bomb
    ★ Unlock over 100 trophies and achievements
    ★ Explore lavish locations from around the world, each with their own soundtrack
    ★ An homage to the legendary Bomberman games
    02-21-2013 08:14 AM

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