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    The world has ended. But the race - and the war - will never stop. Ultra-speed racing, hi-spec war machines, four singleplayer modes and multiplayer too. Maybe a race to the death isnt so bad..?
    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...game.protoxide
    Game Trailer:

    Game Description:
    Are global warming, abnormal weather, increasing number of cataclysms all over the planet, cocktails of earthquakes, tsunamis and blowing nuclear power-stations the reasons to think about incoming apocalypse? Protoxide: Death Race offers you their version of the world after 2012.

    Abandoned cities under the rowdy gang's control, the absence of legal law, violence as a basic survival principle and races without rules as the main method to solve the problems. Protoxide: Death Race will tell you everything about ultra-speed driving, battle super-cars that look like machines from Hollywood fantastic blockbusters and wild industrial tracks.

    Various modes of Protoxide: Death Race give you a chance to try yourself in a high-speed competition, or begin a battle on tracks and concentrate on destroying your enemies or investigate the dying world in details, completing a single campaign mode. And a multiplayer mode will connect all the fans of auto-wars all over the world in one violent massacre.

    Game Features:
    - 4 single player modes
    - Alljoyn P2P multiplayer
    - 12 battle war-gliders each one with unique characteristics
    - campaign with an exciting story
    - 16 outstanding tracks
    - 4 unique types of ingame locations
    - high-quality 3D graphics


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    YouTube: HeroCraft - YouTube
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/herocraft.games
    02-26-2013 06:13 AM

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