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    Game: Paper Racing
    Kind of game: Brain/Puzzle
    Creators/Developed by: IT Benefit
    File size: 3.5 M
    Rated: Everyone
    Price: Free on Google Play


    Paper Racing is an interesting and fun alternative style of racing game - it's a turn-based racing game.
    The game simulates a car race on the sheet of paper. The rules for moving represent a car with certain inertia and physical limits on
    acceleration, braking and steering. It gives a very interesting and realistic driving behavior.

    Current version features:
    Great graphics!
    Original gameplay
    12 tracks (more in future versions)
    Global leaderboard


    Great for those getting started with turn based games.
    The graphics are crisp, clean and fun.
    The game tutorial is clear and easy to understand.


    This game definitely needs more tracks.
    Some sound effects would help to increase the excitement.


    Paper Racing on Google Play


    03-03-2013 01:54 PM

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