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    Free (With the option to upgrade)

    2D Emotions debut app sees four helpless holiday makers run for their lives as the apocalypse descends upon the Paradise Island of YoMa.

    * Tilt your way to survival on beautifully crafted retro levels with original chiptune music.
    * Use your wits and reflexes as you escape stage-unique obstacles and for the biggest challenge of your life, the Big Bosses!
    * But dont fret; there will be power-ups along the way to aid you in your mission, but be perceptive as they could be a miracle or a nightmare.~

    So be astute, be tactical and forget your sun-tan lotion and sandals, as death is out to get you and its down to you to escape his cold embrace!

    What kind of device will it run smoothly on.

    The game will run smoothly on any phone that has the same specs or higher than that of a Samsung Galaxy S2.


    03-05-2013 08:21 AM

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