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    Blacklamblab is a new video games production entrepreneur, located in Athens, Greece.

    Is Prokopis dream prophetic?
    Will our hero manage to overcome the Greek debt collision & during his fall dodge the obstacles getting in his way?

    How swift and flexible are you?
    Boost Prokopis speed to the maximum and put your little stone in pulling the country of the debt crisis

    .Are you up to it?

    Dont forget! Log in to get access to leaderboards.

    Enjoy your free falls

    Attached Thumbnails new... free...Prokopis "The fall"-thefall-pc-2013-01-15-13-26-46-59.jpg   new... free...Prokopis "The fall"-thefall-pc-2013-01-15-13-29-24-94.jpg   new... free...Prokopis "The fall"-thefall-pc-2013-01-15-13-30-01-20.jpg   new... free...Prokopis "The fall"-thefall-pc-2013-01-15-13-34-17-67.jpg  
    03-06-2013 06:24 AM

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