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    Hey Folks, check out my new game!

    Eggysaurs is a free classic match-3 puzzle game, where you have to put small dinosaur eggs in the correct order so they are hidden from the hungry T-Rex. Matching 3 Eggs of the same colour hides them from the hungry Dinosaur, and getting 4 has some explosive results!

    Eggysaurs is a fun and additive puzzle game, that will keep the whole family amused for hours, it can be played by, and enjoyed by everyone. All age groups will have fun putting the Dinosaur eggs in order, and everyone will be looking for that fourth egg!

    Eggysaurs brings the classic theme of Diamonds and jewels and turns them into Dinosaur eggs!

    The game can be played in three modes:

    ★ Classic
    As fast as you can put the eggs together in the correct colour order, and try to solve the 8 exciting levels

    ★ Survival
    Play against the clock to build yourself a time cushion, and then complete the word to double your points in the bonus level.

    ★ Attack
    You have 60 seconds to hide as many Dinosaur eggs as you can, keep a close eye on the time, this is fast and furious action.

    Give it a try!

    GooglePlay : Link

    If you have questions or suggestions (bugs), please write me an e-mail or visit my website.

    @Tokkatrain - Bekeen D&D (bekeen.de)
    03-07-2013 07:46 AM

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