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    Make ME a Superhero

    ϟ Superhero ME! This is an extra cool combination of the face in hole app and dress up game. Make ME a Superhero is a free game that drags you into the magical world of heroes.
    Superheroes are responsible for the well-being and happiness of all people on the planet, and this app is in a way super heroic, because its main goal is to bring joy into your life. Its one fun app which will make funny image faker. What makes this app so unique is that it is in the first part insert face app and in the second part is the dress up game. Youll have loads of fun when you want to put face on a body of superhero. This app gives you all the photo fun youve ever imagined of. This app will give you an incredible amount of face fun. We recommend this game to all people, but first of all, of course, to youngsters who like to explore the world of the unknown and be on loose in a funny adventure. And adults will have a good time playing this game while on the subway or when gathering with friends for a drink. So, guys face off and become the incredible, amazing, fantastic Super man you have always dreamed of!

    * Download Make ME a Superhero app for free

    * Using your phone camera, take a picture of yourself or use any of the pictures you have available in your photo gallery. You are allowed to make any grimaces that you want and that you believe to correspond to the famous superheroes; just make sure to stand up straight and look in front of you.

    * Once you choose the perfect image that is an excellent one for this superhero game, you should then pinch and scale the image both horizontally and vertically and drag it to adjust face position, so that it fits the given selection area. When everything is on its right place go for the next step where the magic happens

    * You can now see your face on the extremely muscular and strong body waiting to be dressed. From this point on, we are in the world of a dress up game.

    Download from Google Play:
    03-12-2013 08:21 AM

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