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    Plasma Sky comes out today for Android and iOS. It's my first game for the iPhone and iPad, but I've been working on game professionally for over a decade. It's not terrible, I promise!

    Plasma Sky is a vibrant space shooter for mobile devices, featuring 80 levels of blasting and glowing vector-style graphics. It's a tribute to what I love about the shmup genre. Highscores, lots of power-ups, big bosses, lots of variety, and a huge number of bullets and explosions.

    Gameplay video (turn up quality!):

    Here are the store pages:

    Here's the website:
    Plasma Sky Game for iOS and Android - Releases on iTunes 3/18/13

    Quick Facts:
    • $1.99, no in-app purchases
    • Universal on iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPhone5, and iPod Touch
    • Works with any Android resolution
    • Touch or Tilt controls
    • 80 levels in the main game
    • Survival mode will be added in first patch to support shorter play sessions

    And here are some more images of gameplay:

    Thanks for checking out Plasma Sky!
    03-18-2013 09:38 AM

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