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    Dress up your pet cat in trendy clothes. With Kitty Dress up game you can make your kitty cat the most beautiful one in the whole pet world.

    Do you like animal games? This is one of the most interesting pet dress up games, because you can dress the cat in thousands and thousands combinations of cat clothes and accessories. Kitty Dress up is a perfect game for kids and adults who want to have fun for hours. Matching this fashionable cat clothing looks miraculous. Every time you press the button to change clothes you will see that the magic is happening right in front of your eyes. With the happy meow your cat will show you how satisfied she is.

    How to play Kitty Dress Up game for girls?
    ✿ Download Kitty Dress Up
    ✿ Turn on or off the music in the game
    ✿ Press PLAY to start the game
    ✿ Choose the button with a piece of clothing
    ✿ Click on the button until you find perfect item
    ✿ Click on shuffle button to make a random combination
    ✿ When you are finished click the button ✓
    ✿ Choose some of the options from the list

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    03-19-2013 05:45 AM

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