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    Epic fights to the last drop of oil, a full-fledged campaign, the ultimate 3D graphics on mobile devices Oil Rush for Android is released! Challenge your strategic skills, dare to survive in this water world!

    The game is available on Google Play:

    Game Features
    • Breathtaking 3D graphics of superior quality never before available on mobile devices
    • Unique and varied environments: the twilit Antarctic, flooded jungles, sunken cities, Asian villages, great canyons, ruined industrial zones, and more
    • Massive battles, furious enemies, raging attacks!
    • One game, many mission types: capture-'em-all, save-the-hero, tower defense, survival, oil retrieval, rescue, defeat-the-boss, and more
    • Strategic depth due to different attack/defense weapons with multi-level upgrade options
    • Tech tree with rich array of super technologies, including nukes, napalm, submarines, and convertiplanes
    • Campaign lasting close to 10 hours long and packed with 16 challenging, story-based missions
    • 15 quick game maps for battles with up to three AI opponents
    • 18 music tracks delivering unique fusion of heavy industrial groove and electronic ambient/breaks

    Supported Devices
    Oil Rush unleashes the full potential of cutting-edge and flexible UNIGINE technology for flagship smartphones and tablets. For six months following release, the game is available for Android mobile devices powered by the latest Snapdragon S4 chips (MSM8960, MSM8260A, MSM8974, APQ8064 and MPQ8064) with Adreno 225 or 320 GPU and at least 1 GB RAM.
    The list of supported devices and more info about Oil Rush for mobile
    03-20-2013 02:07 AM

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