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    Introducing a fun and exciting quiz game. Touch and guess your way to victory!
    Guess from many different categories, including films, cartoons, heroes, actors, famous brands and logos, sports, animals, celebrities and much much more!

    - Have fun challenging your quiz knowledge!
    - Tons of fun for everyone!
    - Many different challenging quizzes suitable for all ages.
    - Simple, quick and addictive gameplay.
    - Be the best quiz guesser there is!
    - Play FREE of charge!

    Tap the screen to see a piece of a picture.
    Guess what picture is hidden and win points!
    The less hints you use, the more points you can win!

    For more details go to:
    Attached Thumbnails New Game Alert "What's the Picture: Scratch It" - http://goo.gl/eBXGp-scratch-2.png  
    03-20-2013 03:32 PM

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