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    Arcade 6-in-1 is a collection of our best full-fledged games all in one app. It's tons of content!

    It's only $1.99 and includes 6 games. (Save 66%) Tell your budget we said "You're welcome."

    You get everything in Arcade 6-in-1. No In App Purchases or ads!!!

    Games include: Super Smash Ants, Duck Shot, Bow Assassin, Traffic Ninja, Tilt Toy, and Doodle Cannon.

    Get Arcade 6-in-1 on Google Play now!

    Duck Shot - Remember shooting ducks with a plastic gun in the 80's? Well now it's time to shoot them with a slingshot on your touch screen! It's an awesome mix of retro graphics and sounds with new and exciting gameplay including power-ups and level objectives.

    Bow Assassin - Curropt-O-Corp's henchmen are all over the city, and it's up to you to take them out. See if you can make the perfect shot and eliminate them all!

    Traffic Ninja - You've always wanted to be a ninja and now is the day to prove your skills. Your sensei requires a unique test of speed and agility to become one of the clan. You must survive oncoming traffic as well as enemy ninjas on the highway. You must become the Traffic Ninja!

    Doodle Cannon - Play the most explosive physics game ever! The monsters have built their defenses and now you must shoot your cannon to destroy them. Each progressing level, the monsters get craftier and the challenge gets tougher. Can you destroy all the monsters?

    Super Smash Ants - You're in for a treat! Atleast you were before all the ants started attacking your cupcake... hurry and smash em' all to save your picnik! Also grab a friend or family member and see who's the best exterminator in the 2 player "Anthill Battle" mode.

    Tilt Toy - Tilt and turn to roll the balls through each maze. With realistic ball physics and beautiful graphics, you'll forget it's not a real ball maze!

    Get this amazing Android gaming deal here!
    Arcade 6-in-1 on Google Play
    03-23-2013 06:14 PM

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