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    Help the little bee to save her beehive from the clutches of the hungry bear!
    A fun brainteaser for all who like Unblock, block puzzles and any kind of logic riddles.
    Support the bee by decanting the honey in the pots to the target distribution. But be quick, cause the bear is already longing for the sweet honey of the hive!
    Can you solve the riddles in the minimum steps and get a 3 star rating?
    Sounds easy for 3 step solutions but what about solutions with more than 7 steps? Do you face this challenge?

    - Logic puzzle with time limit for solution
    - The bee movements give you hints whenever you are on the best solution for the decanting riddle
    - You can play any level you like. Even if you can't solve one you can select the next one
    - In the Lite version you get 10 levels
    - The full version contains 50 levels

    04-05-2013 03:45 AM

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