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    Make ME a Monster

    Everybody is shouting I monster! Make ME a Monster is a Funny mixture of face-in-hole and dress up game turns you into a monster from the other dimension in a second for free.

    Download free game app Make ME a Monster and have fun with your family and friends for hours. There is nothing more interesting than taking pictures while making crazy faces and then putting them on a monster you created by yourself.

    Monsters from the outer space have come and become so popular that everybody wants to look like them. These giant monsters are very strong and handsome and admired by everyone. But dont mix them with sea monsters or other creatures, because they are unique space monsters with their own fashion and style. Their popularity is so huge, like all the singers and movie stars together with their monster images everywhere. They even have their own game for kids that everybody is crazy about.

    Monster me?

    This free monster maker game for kids provides you with a plenty of possibilities because there are thousands and thousands of items you can combine to make a monster the way you like. It can be a tiny, cute monster or a scary monster that will make your blood chill, so it can be a game for boys and also a game for girls, because everybody can have fun, even the older ones.

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    04-05-2013 08:06 AM

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