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    Hello everyone,today I gotta to introduce a game to you,that is Metal force! Though it was just logged on Android market ,on ios there are more than 10 million users.

    Here are the links:
    Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...​HUFgiXQ..

    Amazon: Amazon.com: Metal Force: Appstore for Android

    <---Game Introduction--->
    Metal Force is a masterpiece of horizontal reel shot puzzle games.
    It was set in the end of year 2012 when all kinds of ghosts and demons living in the Third World wantonly attack the earth, plunder resources, control all the creatures and do all the evil things..The earth is almost on the edge of extinction. The hero in this game has the responsibility of saving the earth, so he has to sneak into enemys home base and fight with them all by himself. More missions, more enemies, more dangers, and more fightingAll of these are waiting for our hero.

    <---Game Feature--->
    1. A masterpiece of horizontal reel shot puzzle games.
    2. There are 5 stages and in each of them there are several small levels, having strong connection with each other and the difficulty increased one after another.
    3. Two modes are available: Normal Mode and Hard Mode. When you choose hard mode youd face much crueler challenges.
    4. According to different combat scenes and players habits, different kinds of weapons are available, such as pistols, rifles, rocket launchers, grenades and sabers.
    5. Differ from the traditional gaming operation modes, our innovative handling method is perfectly fit for the features of the mobile terminal.
    6. For the delicate design of the pictures, the perfect action effects, the awesome sound and beautiful music, its a trip during the time you play Metal Force.
    7. Up to 5 user accounts are supported.
    8. Animated game tutorial is available.

    04-11-2013 01:51 AM

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