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    Mister Snowby is a very funny platform 3D game where you will have to help the character (a snowball) to meet with her wife at the end of every level. With 3 different types of difficulty it can be played from children to hardcore gamers.
    Incline your smartphone using the accelerometer to control Mr. Snowby and make him go in that direction. Avoid several obstacles in your way or help yourself with the elements of the level as springs or flames in this very addictive game.
    Follow Mr.Snowby in his journey going through different ambiented levels as space, jungle or even a house. Try to get as many hearts as possible to achieve a higher score.
    All of this while you enjoy a 3D graphics on your mobile phone that can be adjusted to every smartphone and screen.
    Download for free this fantastic game and rate us if you like it!

    04-11-2013 04:31 AM

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