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    Do you miss pixels and 80s arcades? Empire City Touch will offer you a dive into the past in your favourite arcade!

    But times have changed. Your smartphone will replace the arcade cabinet, adding a brand new, immersive and captivating control mode.
    Move, look around you and you will realize that you are in the middle of the game, surrounded by enemies.
    Empire City Touch: retro spirit with cutting edge technology!

    The game
    New York, 1931. Being in broad Prohibition, power struggles among rival families are at their pick. Your purpose is to revenge the destruction of the family you belonged to. Will you be able to kill the boss?

    How to play
    Moving the smartphone around you, you can find and shoot at mobsters one at a time.
    They lurk around various areas, including on the street and in windows.
    An arrow appears that helps direct you to the location of the next mobster onscreen.
    You have a set amount of time to find and shoot each enemy; if time is running out, a speech bubble appears counting down the last few seconds on the timer.
    When the timer reaches zero, you are shot and the screen pans to the location of the enemy. A defend button is available as a last resort to avoid being shot.
    You can replenish your ammo or get bonus points by shooting hidden boxes.
    Levels are cleared after a set number of mobsters are eliminated.
    In the game's final level, you has only one opportunity to assassinate the mob boss as he walks in front of windows in a building.

    04-14-2013 01:54 PM

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