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    The king of online battle game, Bomb Me, was created by EFUN on 25 January 2013. Have you ever wanted to shoot your enemies on a cell phone before? Bomb me has made all these things possible. It is one of the interesting casual games of many players from many countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Singapore, etc and most of them agree that this game is really an addictive game. No matter if you are an experienced Bomb Me game or you have just discovered this attractive game, sooner or latter you will need to access accounts at higher level. You are able to create your own guild to play with your friends or get married with the person who you love. There are various kinds of battle such as Sport , Reborn, Survival between 1,2 up to 6 players. You can earn more diamonds by joining events coming everyday. Furthermore, it enables us to improve our creative thinking and our tactfulness in each and every situation when we are in the battle.

    This game can be easily understood in the following introduction below:
    At the first step , you can either choose Male or Female character for you account.

    The next step, there is an introduction to let you know how to play in a battle and how to create a battle.

    There are many bosses so that you can gain gold, stones, or even custom from killing these bosses.

    These are some common and strong weapons that players usually use in game.

    Dragon is the expensive and strongest weapon with hight attack level.

    Mercury is not strong as much as dragon , but this is the best weapon at digging. Sometimes , Dragon is still defeated by Mercury.

    Bullking and Cupid are also common weapons, they are a little cheaper than Dragon or Mercury

    Cupid has very high critical level and one of the most dangerous weapon.

    You can aslo purchase weapons or custom at exchange shop by using gold, medals, and diamonds.

    For upgrading your weapons, you can go to Lab .

    You are able to be married or get married to your friends or lovers. After getting married, both of you will be rewarded the wedding dress from 15 - 30 days free.

    By gaining exp , you need to finish all the daily task , activity task and guild to motivate your increasing of level.

    These are the scenes during the battle and killing boss.

    After clicking on the Recharge symbol , you will go to the website for recharge to get diamonds. You can recharge by using Pay Pal account or Mol or I-Cash.

    G-M , Boss , and top players of Bomb Me.

    Thank you for paying attention to our game guide . You can download Bomb Me at :
    or you can visit Bomb Me facebook for more information at : https://www.facebook.com/vsplaybm.
    Download and enjoy !
    04-15-2013 11:53 PM

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