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    I'd like to present my new Android game Cow in the Shaft.

    A funny Jump-n-Run game - guide the cow as far down the shaft as possible. Popular as a flash game a few years ago, a brand new version is now available.
    Use the left/right-buttons or the virtual, analogue joystick to control the cow.

    - The Cow
    - Six different kinds of platforms, including a Jump-Pad.
    - Six difficulties to chose from.
    - Speed-Up-Mode with 20 Levels
    - Online highscore.
    - Personal highscore list, stored on your device.
    - Get extra points for collecting two kinds of coins.
    - Four collectable Power-Ups:
    - Medpack: Heals you up, in case of an emergency
    - Bomb: Destroy a platform! If you hit a red one, you'll get a reward.
    - Bullet Time: Use it to slow down the time while moving.
    - Parachute: Slow down your fall. So you can also reach platforms which are far away.
    - Control the cow by a virtual joystick or touch-keys.

    Good Luck and Have Fun!
    04-16-2013 05:40 AM

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