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    Bomb Me is a casual game which includes many people from different countries playing together !

    Bomb me, the #1 mobile online shooting game ! Upgrade many different weapons, clothes and items through stones you can buy, ! Find your Bomb Me 'lover' and get married ! Create your own guild recruit members to contribute to the prestige (points) and rank your guild to #1 ! Level your guild to invite more players ~ ! Show off titles too!

    There are many different battle modes in Bomb Me from Sports to Reborn and to even Survival mode where everyone is your enemy ! Each battle room must have at least 1 player but only have a maximum of 6 players ! Join events, recharge ( buying ) or daily gifts to get diamonds/gold coins! Adventure lets you compete 3 different types of stories ( not really >< )! It also lets you optain gold or medals, another currency that lets you exchange for items :3!

    When creating an account, you can choose boy / girl (obvious) but both must go through the awesome *TUTORIAL* ! Once completing the tutorial, you can collect diamonds from the task and unlock a title !

    Buy VIP for extra rights such as extra daily gifts ~

    [ Different weapons, different attacks / ultimates ( special ) ] !

    Facebook fanspage for more info and updates : Bomb Me

    Download now : https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...n.bombme&hl=en

    Btw no pictures cause I'm bad a uploading
    But can find out through download or facebook!
    04-16-2013 09:23 AM

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