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    Available on Google Play: Animal World Puzzle Fun

    Explore the animal world with animated animal stickers and puzzles! You'll meet lots of friends like penguins, lions, hippos, giraffes and elephants in aquariums, forests, swamps, jungles and even the north pole! Surprises appear as each sticker is put into place and scenes are full of crazy animations and funny sounds to discover!

    The user interface is designed for kids of any age to enjoy! Parental controls allow you to turn off sounds, purchases and social buttons. Your privacy is important to us. We do not collect personal information from our users. Joey provides positive feedback as each puzzle is completed! There's no wrong way to play!

    "My kids love animal themes and they just fell in love with this game. The game looks like a kid-friendly cartoon. The style and the animation is fantastic." - User Review

    "My two yr old loves this. First puzzler he can do. This app will be a staple in my sons learning games." - User Review

    "Mission accomplished! My little one always smiles and enjoys while playing it... Thank you!" - User Review

    "Awesome kids app - There's a great variety in puzzles and animals, and there are a lot of cute sounds and animations that become available when a puzzle is completed. My kids had a great time playing with this."

    ❤ Play the drums with Alex the alligator!
    ❤ Tickle the tickle tree and see what jumps out!
    ❤ Help Henrietta the hippo brush her teeth!
    ❤ Join Louie the lion on his morning stroll!
    ❤ Dive into the aquarium with Sully the shark!
    ❤ Party with Wally the walrus and the penguins!
    ❤ Play some cool tunes with the Jazz Pandas!
    and much more...
    04-17-2013 08:48 AM

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