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    MonsterUp, the little game that was voted best mobile game in Switzerland for 2012, after being available for the Windows Phone and iPhone for a while, has made it to Android. The game is a vertical jumper featuring multiple different characters with special powers and different themes. Colorful graphics from award winning artist Ilias Sounas and lots of action await you! The Android version also features an extra secret character, which you can unlock in the pause menu - if you discover how!
    The game is available now at Google Play for free, so there is no excuse - get it today here:


    You can find more about the game at MonsterUp and www.kariosgames.com.
    Please let me know if you enjoy the game! You can find me on Twitter (@marioskar) and feel free to like MonsterUp's facebook page as well!

    04-18-2013 11:38 AM

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