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    Hi, I would want to introduce you a new game that will be interesting for numbers and math fans. Its name is Beat The Matrix. It is free and has no ads at all.


    Beat The Matrix is a game that will put your number and math skills to the test. You will find a target number and a matrix with math operators on it. Drag and drop numbers on the operators and they will transform according to the math operator the number is placed on.

    When you put a number on the matrix, the sum of all results on it will show. The goal is to equal target number using all available numbers. Every matrix always has at least one exact solution.

    There are 2 game modes:
    Time attack - You have an amount of time to get a solution, depending on the difficulty level (Easy, Medium, Hard)
    Free - You have all the time you need to find a solution. Touch target number box if you are lost and want to discover a solution and keep on playing

    Some tips:
    Take time to analyze the numbers you have and the target number before you make a move. The fewer moves you make the more points you will get
    Start playing on easy difficulty and go to medium/hard when you are ready
    Touch points box to see the math operators of the matrix when numbers are placed on it and you do not want to remove them

    If you like numbers and maths you will enjoy this game. If you have always wanted to have better maths abilities this game is perfect for you.

    It is also an educational game, really good for kids who are beginning to learn maths because it will help them to develop calculation skills and logical capabilities.

    Hope you like it. Have fun with numbers and mathematics with an app that is completely ad-free.

    Do not hesitate to comment anything you want. Thank you.
    04-19-2013 08:21 AM

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