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    YourTurn Soccer is a breath of fresh air on Android games scene. It delivers an immersive tactical game experience that will grab you and make you come back to play more and more.

    It features a real time turn based multiplayer game, something that is rather rare in the mobile scene; most of the mobile multiplayer games that one can find these days are asynchronous multiplayer games. You just enter the game, press play and as soon as an opponent joins you will play for a short but intense session.

    On Yourturn Soccer you will face a flesh and blood opponent in a turn based tactical soccer match. The objective is to score 3 goals before your opponent does, there is no place for a draw. Don't get mad if you lose some games in the beginning, in a while you will master the gameplay.

    The game tries to mimic a table soccer game, so the team players are represented by a piece of wood to which the player can apply forces by touching and dragging in the screen. The game is turn based, you have 30 seconds to analyze the game board, try to guess what your opponent will do and define your best play to steal the ball if you are defending, or to score a goal if you are in offense. The gameplay is based on the application of the forces on the players and on the ball and the outcome of each turn is defined by a physics simulation. Dont worry, you wont need to me a master in physics to master the game, its all common sense physics.

    The game features a persistent leaderboard based on the ELO algorithm. After start playing, the only thing that you will think is to get to the top of the ranking and beat all your friends in the path.

    The game graphics are simple but nice looking, and the sounds although also simple, will make you remember of a real soccer game, you will listen to the shouts of the crowd when you score a goal.

    Other than the leaderboard there are no distractions from the main experience, the promise to be releasing new content very soon, leagues and tournaments are in the roadmap, as well as new type of leaderboards and better sharing of game replays. But the focus will always be in the match between two live players.

    A cool NFC feature was included in the game, you can start a game with a friend using NFC, just put your phones against each other and in a second the game will start.

    Other than the option to remove ads, by donating a small amount to fund development and online servers, there are no hidden freemium upgrades of any type. We are also told that the game will never offer the option for paying to win; its possible that paid cosmetic upgrades will be introduced but they will never give an advantage over a player that spent no money.
    05-08-2013 09:40 AM

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