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    Play the awesome new collectible card game featuring visceral animated battles, amazing card animations, and a monstrous new combat system! Build a winning battle deck and test your strategy against other players. Conquer and rise to the top of the leader boards for prizes!
    ==Game Features==
    ★ Intense animated battles - watch the destruction unfold in in all of its glory!
    ★ PvP combat - battle other players for supremacy and dominate the leader boards for prizes!
    ★ Game events - compete in world game events for exclusive limited items you get nowhere else!
    ★ Strategy - Rich strategy options for deck building using abilities and powerful artifacts!
    ★ Market - Buy, sell and trade cards with other players in the market!
    ★ Engaging storyline pits your summoner against a powerful cult of necromancers!
    ★ Thrilling sound effects, visual effects, and an epic soundtrack!
    ★ Refer your friends for free cards!

    05-08-2013 11:19 PM

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