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    Hi there!

    Mini Dash Free

    PlayCreek (developers of Death Worm, StoneLoops! and Magic Wingdom)
    has just released Mini Dash Free.

    Here is a link for the game trailer:

    And here is a set of promotional screenshots:

    Mini Dash is a frenetic, fun, and fast platformer.
    Full of ideas and unexpected turns, it will have you hooked the moment you tap its beautifully formed icon!
    Take control of our hero and dash into the trap-filled worlds of Mini Dash.

    Mini Dash Free features:
    - 27 levels! (A total of 150+ levels in Full versions).
    - 2 worlds shown (3 basic worlds & 5 bonus worlds in Full version)
    - Unique visual experience!
    - Perfect for short sessions as well as the long ones.
    - 7 playable characters with unique powers. (only one character in Free version)

    Mini Dash for Android is a collaboration effort between PlayCreek and
    another great team of developers - Moregames Entertainment. They are well known
    for such hit games as iDracula (#1 top paid game in 2009) and Knights Rush.

    Both teams are really excited with Mini Dash release. This is the first time
    PlayCreek acts not only as a developer but as a publisher.
    And for Moregames Entertainment this is their first but impressive push
    into cross-platform gaming with Mini Dash available for Android right now
    and coming to BlackBerry and Windows Phone later this year.

    Mini Dash Free for Android
    05-22-2013 05:00 AM

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