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    The rattling sound of gun fire had died down and the shore seemed calm as dawn approached. Six regiments of the X and XVIII Corps fought all night with exceptional valor and bravery to protect the coast. The air was thick with the smell of gun powder and complete devastation surrounded the last standing cannon. The battle for land had come to a halt and all there was left to do was wait wait till reinforcements arrived to
    S**T!! Not those again..ENEMIES APPROACHING!!
    Soldier!!!!!Now its not about war, its not about dominance, its about survival. Its about the Last Stand. Prepare your cannon for the ultimate combat. Guard your motherland as the enemy launches waves and waves of troops against you.
    Mission Alert:
    Private your job is to protect the coast at all costs. Hold the base till reinforcements arrive keep the enemies off shore..Godspeed solider.
    Mission Objectives:
    * Flick and destroy approaching ships and helicopters
    * Make sure you keep them away from the shore
    * Survive maximum number of waves
    * Intense Action Packed Gameplay
    * Awesome effects in a 3D environment
    * High Quality Music and Sound Effects
    * Real Time bullet control
    * Achievements and game stats displayed for users
    * Big Bang Power Up**Note: Optimized for high end android devices only**
    05-28-2013 02:58 AM

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