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    Hi all,
    Ive released a paid version of my game 60 seconds. Its currently on sale!

    I started a project to remake of the classic Amiga game Vital Light. I soon realised that the smaller displays and touch controls were completely unsuited to the game. So I began to pare back the design with the end result being 60 Seconds.
    The idea is to simply survive for 60 seconds. Colours fall from the top of the screen and the player must hit the corresponding colour button to clear as the colours fall faster and faster. Colour combinations also fall and require two hits to clear. For example purple can be cleared by hitting (in any order) blue and red.
    The game is designed to be tough but fair so if the wrong colour is matched its game over.(There is an option to disable that feature).
    I have included a colour blind monochromatic mode and a couple of different visual themes. Achievements and online high score tables are implemented with Swarm Connect.
    05-28-2013 08:50 AM

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