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    I'm an indie developer and I'm proud to present you my first game for Android!

    Muppiz is an original puzzle game in which you have to feed little freaks, the Muppiz, with paint balls. Each Muppiz only eats items of its own color so you have to play with colors, mix them up and also interact with other items to complete each level. Sometimes there are special levels that add new goals and more fun.

    Here are some ingame screenshots:

    The game is available for free on Android 2.2+ smartphones and tablets.

    Some more informations about the game:
    - Original graphics and attractive characters
    - 100+ levels and more in further updates
    - Special challenge levels even funnier
    - Boosters to help you in the hardest levels
    - Vote on social networks for the next content

    Useful links:

    Also any review to improve the game is greatly appreciated, thank you!
    05-29-2013 04:33 AM

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