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    Game: Hungry Nomi
    Kind of game: Arcade & Action
    Creators by: Flambo Studios
    File size: 9.5 Mb
    Rated: Everyone
    Price: Free

    Google Play Download link:
    Hungry Nomi: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ampaign%3Dmiki


    Featuring unique gameplay, charmingly cute visuals, and plenty of modes and power-ups to unlock, Hungry Nomi is an experience you'll have trouble putting down from the moment you toss your first jelly bean!

    As an adventurous space explorer that's also a renowned jelly bean maker, your goal is to discover new worlds with amazing new flavours to make jelly beans out of! However, an unexpected accident has caused you to crash land on a very strange planet full of peculiar creatures that happen to LOVE the taste of your delicious space jelly beans! Feed enough of the Hungry Nomi and maybe they might just help you find a way to fix your ship and return home!

    Toss as many jelly beans as you can and feed the cute and colourful Nomi as they move across the screen! It may sound easy but the Nomi REALLY love those jelly beans and so you have to feed them all before they get away! Be sure to collect the many awesome power-ups to help you out get those jelly beans into those Nomi bellies, especially while playing all the unique game modes that prove to be more fun and challenging than the last!

    Key features:
    *' Easy to play, rewarding to master' gameplay that everyone can enjoy!
    * Feed the adorably cute Nomi those tasty jelly beans in colourful visuals and animations!
    * A host of fun power-ups to purchase and use to your advantage!
    * Unlock new game modes that offer new fun and unique challenges!
    * Scoreloop-support provides high scores, social integration, and more!
    * Free updates that introduce new features, levels, items, and more!
    05-30-2013 11:29 PM

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