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    There's no business like Show Business! After all, who doesn't want to become the Super Star of Hollywood and a darling of the Paparazzi? Thousands chase after the dream of joining the A-List, but only a few succeed. To have your Star Walk of Fame, you need plenty of talent, hard work and luck. The closer you get to the top, the harder it is to retain your Top Slot! Do you have it in you to become the next Dream Star?
    Look gorgeous, hone your acting skills, act in blockbusters & aim for the Runway! Then go shopping, visit the gym, party or just go on a vacation to the most exotic places in the world! All of this, and more! Your journey to stardom begins here!
    LOOK GORGEOUS - Get a hairstyle makeover befitting a celebrity at the Salon and become a Fashion Icon!
    GET INTO SHAPE - Yoga, Cardio or Strength! Lose those calories by visiting the gym!
    SHOP FOR TRENDY CLOTHES - Over 600 adorable dresses & accessories to choose from in the boutique, with more on the way!
    NETWORK AT PARTIES Have a blast at 4 New Nightclubs and Schmooze your way to new offers, Fans & Popularity!
    FIND THE PAPARAZZI SPOTLIGHT - Be the darling of the paparazzi and give them the shots they need!
    HOLIDAY AT EXOTIC LOCATIONS - Kick back and relax at the most exotic holiday destinations in the world!
    HIRE THE BEST AGENT - Learn about ongoing auditions & better offers! But dont lose them!
    BE A THESPIAN - Hone your skills in various movie genres at the Academy, gain Fans & become an A-Listed Star!
    PROMOTE YOUR MOVIES Just being a great actor is not enough anymore! Promote your Movies on Chat Shows & turn them into Blockbusters!
    ENJOY YOUR PATH TO FAME - Become the Cover Girl for the leading film magazines & enjoy the limelight!
    BE THE DREAM STAR - Dress to Impress and wow the audiences to ace 'The Runway' leaderboards!
    BOAST YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS - 75 Achievements on Google Play Game Services to Challenge you and your friends on Google Plus!
    Update yourself with the latest hot & happening Fashion news from Dream Star!

    Your fans are screaming for you and the Paparazzi are all set to put you on their magazine covers! Are you ready to Live your Show Biz Dreams?

    Watch the Trailer on YouTube and get set for an experience like no other on Android.

    Get Dream Star for FREE on Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...negames.avatar
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