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    Hello Android Central users!

    I have just released my first game: Cube Overlord, available for free on Google Play

    This is my current project, a casual android game with very simple yet (hopefully^^) entertaining and challenging gameplay.

    Set in a very light tone with its cute and warm graphics, its simplicity makes it quite easy to pick up. You navigate through the sky, avoiding blue and red cubes by simply tilting your phone left and right (Joystick controls are also available for those who prefer).

    The goal, pick up cubes of your colors while avoiding those of the opposite color.

    The twist, you can change color anytime by tapping the screen.

    At the end of each level, you will face one of the Overlord, a gigantic monster constantly throwing cubes at you, they can be defeated by filling up the bar at the bottom of the screen, which can be done by collecting enough cubes (do you see the pattern yet ?).

    The movement speed increases at each level and new game mechanics are introduced as you progress:
    • Forced polarity zones, where you cant switch color and are reduced to dodging cubes until the end of the zone.
    • All kinds of Power Ups, magnet (repulse cube of opposite color, attract those of your color), lightning (zap all cubes on screen) and many others.

    All those mechanics are combined in Arcade mode where you are thrown into an endless vertical scroller with constantly increasing speed and difficulty. Where you try to get the highest score (which you can then share online with ScoreLoop, and soon with Google Play Games)

    Random Infos

    The game should run on all kind of android phones but is optimized for 1280*768 (Nexus 4), most of my friends with "tablet sized" phones (Galaxy Note I am looking at you!) prefer to play with touch controls (options available in the settings). Let me know if you run into any issue, I will do my best to correct them!

    Current State of the Game:

    While I have released it on Google Play, I am still very much working on it so any feedback would be greatly welcomed. I am currently working on a Time Trial mode and I have many things in the pipe (a Survival Mode, more levels...)

    About the Developer (UpAndCrawling):
    This is actually my first game that I have successfully released and I hope it will entertain you!
    You can contact me on twitter: @upandcrawling or on my blog
    06-03-2013 10:57 AM

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