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    The Signs new game of Tooflya Inc. will definitely hit to taste of people fond of puzzles.
    A layout of signs in form of 5х20 eyes opens on the screen; you have to reduce the signs of the same color.
    Even within the first seconds you will be pleasantly surprised by funny background music of the game! You will smile at the sounds of signs reduction!
    Your major task is to reduce as many signs as possible in 1 minute.
    The game has 3 levels of complexity, the higher the complexity the more colors are added to the layout and that means that it is more difficult to reduce signs. When you have no more variants to reduce and the time has not run out yet press button ROLL refilling of the layout, but then you loose your bonus (game score - stars multiplier). Gather stars and buy different funny eyes in the shop.
    You agreed to meet anybody and your opponent says that he comes 10 minutes late?

    With Signs time passes so that you dont notice!

    Google Play:
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    06-04-2013 04:26 AM

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