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    Do you like shooting zombies with a huge array of cool weapons? Do you have any better plans for this weekend?

    The Dead on Arrival 2 Closed-Beta is expanding and we need more players to help stress test our servers. You simply need to sign up here and you'll receive all the instructions on how you can get your hands on the Android beta version of this thumbstick survival shooter. You will also get instant access to the beta forums to start to chat among the beta group and share your favorite zombie killing stories.

    Note: Killing of zombies is currently subject to a Non-Disclosure agreement, so you can help us out, but not tell anyone about how much fun you had ok!

    Dead on Arrival 2 - Multiplayer Closed-Beta Stress Test June 7, 2013.

    Stress tests will run every 8 hours starting this Friday 6pm PDT (that's Saturday 2am London BST or Saturday 11am Sydney AEST).

    Must have:

    • Android Device
    • Minimum spec equal or better than Tegra 2
    • Recommended Tegra 3 or higher

    Android Version
    • Minimum 3.0
    • Recommended 4.0 or higher

    Also recommended
    • Have a stomach for wave after wave of bloodshed and mayhem!
    • Aren't scared of the dark.
    • Don't need aspirin for headaches.
    • Have no problem shooting your zombie friend in the head if you had too.

    If you're interested in joining the DOA 2 beta team, click here to sign up!

    Find out more at www.deadonarrival2.com
    06-07-2013 12:32 AM

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