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    I wrote this game to learn libgdx.

    Also, it was a learning experience for my kids, an excuse for them to learn the basics of computer programming.

    My children provided the voice acting, created graphics in inkscape (thereby learning about vector graphics), play testing and acted as senior producers and design leads.

    One day, we'll do a paid version and my kids want to donate all of the proceeds to Heifer International, a charity devoted to giving animals to people in need.

    The Google Play description:

    The animals of Kids Puzzle Land need your help. Solve puzzles and find items for the animals of Kids Puzzle Land.

    - Develop motor and logic skills while solving jig-saw puzzles.
    - Feed the animals and discover what they like to eat.
    - Learn the spelling of the animals and items.
    - Free. No ads and no in-app purchases and no upgrade button for your child to press.


    06-07-2013 06:21 PM

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