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    Hi there,

    I'm Sebastian Stadler from xSheetGames an austrian android game developer. We have just released our 2nd game "A dog's memory".

    It's a classical memory game for kids, so if any of you guys are parents,
    we would love to hear your opinion or suggestions
    of course we are also interested in what everybody else is thinking as well!!!

    here's a litte description:

    A dog's memory is a simple and cute memory game that is suited for kids and preschooler's but
    also for grown-up's who want to challenge their brains!
    The intuitive gameplay is enhanced with a cute dog character named "Wilbur Woofer" who does some funny animations during the game!

    ★ 3 difficulties: (8,18,28 cards)
    ★ open cards first (try to remember as many as possible)
    ★ funny animations by a lovely dog cartoon character
    ★ your time and number of attempts will be shown

    playstore link:

    developer website:
    xSheetGames - fun and challenging android games made in austria

    All the best,
    Sebastian Stadler, xSheetGames
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    06-11-2013 05:02 AM

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