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    Hello : )

    We would like to introduce our awesome game, Fishing Mate !

    Download link

    Web URL : http://me2.do/5gQTA9pp

    Mobile URL : http://m.pictosoft.co.kr/link/review...t=5&apptype=31

    Fishing Mate, the smart and easy-to-enjoy fishing game!

    Catch 100+ fishes with an adorable little girl from fishing hole that has 8 different types of backgrounds ^^

    ★ Game Features ★
    Simply Touch! Drag! and easily CATCH the fish!
    - Drag in the opposite direction of which the fish is swimming!
    - Powerful attack can be made when circular waves are formed.

    Enhance items to improve your equipment!
    - Combinations will increase the stats and new stat will be added.
    - Equipment Stats can be improved by enhancing.

    Haul in the fishes and improve your character!
    - You can level-up your character while catching fishes.
    - Equip with high level item to catch stronger fishes and improve your character.

    Diverse and unique items
    - Depending on character's level, a lot of fishing equipment and unique wardrobe items for each level are in the store for you.

    Screen shot

    06-11-2013 08:35 PM

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