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    Passage Hill
    Event Details:June 13 at 9:30pm until June 17 at 12:00am EDT

    The Anfour swarm monsters are once again headed to Trent in their rite
    of passage. Young males must go out and trap or capture or defeat a
    Dragon Knight. This time they are coming from a hill not far from Trent.
    Again Trent needs you to show your endurance and strength! Head for #1 and earn even nicer items!!

    New Series!
    Introducing the Submarine Series!

    The latest addition to the water attribute, it will be available all
    throughout the event in addition to lots of other series! Find the one
    you love and make good use of it!
    2 days, 10% Discount SALE!

    This event will start with a 10% discount on all the Aid Kits in the
    Shop section!! Get these, get the new series with even more ATK focused
    stats than previous from the same attribute, and be on the track for
    more rewards!! Don't miss this!

    -Rank in daily to receive great rewards (including hammers!!)
    -You get a reward as long as you have earn some battle points for that day.

    -Rankings will reset daily.

    The Enemies

    We will need to exterminate these pesky offspring! The good thing is
    that they are weak to water but beware, the fathers (weak to all
    attributes) will come at fever-time so we're going to make sure to take
    them down as well!

    Let's get the right equipment and show them
    our bloodlines are mightier and we will prevail!!
    06-12-2013 05:27 AM

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