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    It's my first time here.I want to share with you " GALAXY CLASH:SONIC VS PLAGUE"

    Get it download on google play or Amazon app store

    Enjoy the game play video:

    ★★★ This is bullet hell adventure wars at its best. Station yourself on the frontier of war and save our homeworld in GALAXY CLASH : SONIC VS PLAGUE ★★★
    Your quest is to command your elite sonic fighter, dash through the stars, and wipeout the galactic plague before they wipeout life on planet Earth.


    - Your quest is to fly in to the space badland, kill all the plague ibomber ships, sentinel ships, and the bosses.
    - Tap and hold anywhere on the screen to move your elite sonic fighter.
    - Your bullets will fire automatically.
    - Your health bar is in the top left. Avoid all the bullets on screen.
    - Your apoc super weapon bar is on the top right. When it's full double tap the screen to use it.
    - Pocket the yellow diamonds objects by flying in to them, these are your coins.
    - Use coins to unlock new weapons, lives, and extra sonic fighters.

    Any feedback and bug you meet please let me know
    Once again,thank you!!!
    06-12-2013 04:39 AM

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