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    ★★★ Come join us in a secret forest story; a park full of beautiful creatures, and a vale of mystery and wonder, in TINY FRIENDS BLITZ 2 : DRAGON FLY PARK SAGA ★★★

    Tap, catch, and collect all the creatures you can before dawn - dragon fly, butterfly, firefly, other tiny insect monsters and more. LOTS OF EASY TAP FUN, AMAZING VISUALS, and RELAXING MUSIC, become the best hunter.


    ★★★★★ ""awwwsommmeeeee - this is a truy good game for kids. With zoo of creatures which chu wil love to. it will be a memory"" - bombcats slayer gal - May, 2, 2013
    ★★★★★ ""love the style - the art is new and music is great. my kids really enjoy this and i nice just to listen to, i read my kids a story to the music. I wonder if it will be updated with more levels tho"" - dawn z - April, 2, 2013


    - Tap anywhere on the screen to shoot your rocket web.
    - Catch as many dragon fly's firefly's and butterfly's as possible.
    - Each time you catch a creature you collect coins. And coins get used each time you shoot a rocket web. You get free coins every few minutes, watch the timer in the bottom right of the screen.
    - Tap on the special weapon items at the top of the screen to use them, includes the 'spider bomb ball' 'freeze item' and 'super web' to sprinkle webs everywhere.
    - You will level up when you get enough points.
    - You can get coin packs and weapon packs (3 X super web, 4 X flash bomb etc) by tapping on the 'menu' button.

    If you like fishing joy you must love this game!!!Go for it!!!

    Get it download on GOOGLE PLAY or AMAZON APP STORE
    06-12-2013 05:41 AM

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