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    430+ game puzzles, variations, skill-base online multiplayer... Download at Google Play

    Hi! I'm currently re-launching my Four in a Row HD, it's probably the most complete implementation of this game and has gone through several reworks during two years.

    Let's summarize the extensive set of features:
    • Multiple game variants: connect four (standard), avoid connect four, fill the board and Pop Out (Premium)
    • In Pop-Out variation you may either add discs as usual or remove one from the bottom, quite a new challenge!
    • Over 400 game puzzles to learn the technique and tease the brain
    • Play against the strong machine's AI, a local player or...
    • Quick online no sign-up needed multiplayer with skill-based matchmaking and world ranking
    • Fully customizable board: from 6x7 to 7x9, with or without 3D effect, made of plastic, metal, wood, ice...
    • Compatible with a plethora of devices, phones, tablets, phablets, Android e-ink readers, ARM and Intel architectures, you name it! Supports multiwindow feature of Galaxy Note devices too!
    • Just over 1 MB and very quick loading times (100% Java!)

    Hope you enjoy it, just let me show you a couple of screenshots!

    Download at Google Play

    Premium Pop-Out mode, removing discs from the bottom to win the game!

    Holo riddles navigator!

    Different themes!
    06-14-2013 06:45 AM

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