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    Your favorite free location-based MMORPG, Parallel Kingdom, just released a new version called Age of Emergence. It's available for free in the Market as we speak.

    Check out the trailer here:

    Also, I'm one of the developers so if you have any questions or feedback, just ask. My account is open to messages from all users. Thanks and enjoy!
    11-18-2009 10:32 AM
  2. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    Looks cool.
    Nice work.
    11-18-2009 10:44 AM
  3. Gilby3000's Avatar
    Looks cool.
    Nice work.
    Have you given it a try? I'm really interested to hear some feedback - positive or negative
    11-19-2009 10:08 AM
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    Have you given it a try? I'm really interested to hear some feedback - positive or negative
    Not yet. I am a fireman and was busy last night (washing the fire truck and cooking for the crew). I will get it today.
    11-19-2009 10:42 AM
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    Parallel Kingdom: Age of Emergance

    Parallel Kingdom is a MMORPG for mobile devices. It was originally created on the iPhone but has since been ported to the Droid and Android Market as well. It is not graphics intensive and by all means and purposes plays similar to an old school rts/rpg. It has nodes to mine, cities to build, resources to gather, players to group with, players to fight, crafting, and more.

    I have been playing this game for roughly four days now and while I was really skeptical at first, I have come to understand and appreciate the game a whole lot more. I had nobody to help me when I started and I did not know about the free 1,000 gold for using a referral code otherwise that would have been a huge help. In my four days I have just now hit the 1000 gold mark myself.

    The game has an "item mall" for fruit, but you can do any and everything in the game without purchasing said items.

    You can level up to 25 and you can choose to redo your skill sets and stuff like that. There are dungeons, there are dragons, trolls, boars and many more creatures to fight. You can raid other players claimed territories or you can start up guilds and group together.

    Best of all in this game you can kill iPhone users.

    You can read more over at Parallel Kingdom and read their forums and FAQ.

    Here is the code to scan to access it on the market:

    Also, if you want 1,000 gold here is what you do:

    When you first begin the game, hit the Menu button and then tap "Profile." In the Profile page, tap the red button in the upper right hand corner and then "Enter Referral Code." Type in "lmali" without the quotes. This is my referral code. If you do not want to use mine just scroll to the section below. You'll get 1,000 Gold once you complete the tutorial. Be sure to enter the code in right away. After the tutorial is done, you won't be able to enter it in anymore.

    Videos of the game

    Other referral codes if you do not want to use mine:


    01-11-2010 04:52 PM
  6. Adiliyo's Avatar
    interesting concept. if i was into mmorpg's i'd try it out for sure.
    01-11-2010 05:46 PM
  7. ClickClack911's Avatar
    Def gonna check this out asap
    01-12-2010 01:50 AM
  8. geeanywhere's Avatar
    noob question but how do I scan to access the program??
    01-12-2010 06:53 AM
  9. Varking's Avatar
    There are various apps you can use that allow you to scan QR code. If you do not want to scan just type in "Parallel Kingdom" into the market and this will pop up. It was created by the company named Per Blue. Should be easy to find. Also, once you complete the tutorial just post your code here for referrals and I will add it to the first post. I will check this forum daily.
    01-12-2010 03:06 PM
  10. bananaslug613's Avatar
    It seems like an ok way to pass time. It sucks a lot of battery though, which isn't surprising considering how data intensive it is.
    01-12-2010 03:27 PM
  11. Varking's Avatar
    I usually play it when plugged into a charger at home.
    01-12-2010 08:19 PM
  12. ClickClack911's Avatar
    I'm pretty hooked on this... Sucks I'm down to 4 roc feathers and killed some trolls earlier today so I can't walk my dog or travel much for a while ugh haha... My name on there is Pakalolo15 add me...

    and referral code is: ggard

    I need food!!
    01-12-2010 10:31 PM
  13. Varking's Avatar
    I'm pretty hooked on this... Sucks I'm down to 4 roc feathers and killed some trolls earlier today so I can't walk my dog or travel much for a while ugh haha... My name on there is Pakalolo15 add me...

    and referral code is: ggard

    I need food!!
    Yeah, you must leave the trolls alone for 12 hours. I am down to 10 feathers but I need to wait just two or three more hours. If you can spare the gold, buy them at a troll building for 1000 feathers for 800 gold. Its the best way to go and then just leave some in your house for space. The dog, just "call to feed" and his timer will be reset back to when you first started the game. Thats the trick to using him but it costs like 65 fruit. I will add your referral code to the original post.
    01-13-2010 07:29 AM
  14. Varking's Avatar
    Update coming!

    Updates and New Content Arriving Monday
    Hey PK,

    We've some cool new tweaks and new content to offer. There will be a server restart on Monday, January 18th at 10:30am (US Central time) and that is when the following changes will go into effect.

    First, we've been looking at making the city mechanics a bit more balanced. I won't tell you everything that we are adjusting right now. However, for the time being, I will say that the dump prices will be decreased 20% for the city-based resources. That means Crystal will be dumped for 8 gold each and Crude Oil will be dumped for 4 gold each. Also, you may have already noticed that we've fixed the military Golems so they are now a bit more formidable. We will make a more comprehensive announcement a day or so before the update explaining the other adjustments.

    Second, you will have much greater control to customize your notifications and preferences. You may have already noticed the new "Notifications" link in your Profile. This feature is already live and allows you to decide whether or not you want to receive out-of-game notifications for many different in-game occurrences. Check out this feature now by visiting your Profile and tapping the "Notifications" link at the top.

    On Monday, there will be another link in your profile page called "Preferences." This link will allow you to customize your preferences for some in-game notifications.

    You will be able to decide preferences for: If you want notifications when your wells are full If you want to send notifications to others when you sign on If you want to receive notifications when others sign on And a couple other settings

    Third, we're very happy to announce that a bunch more Faces will be available. There will be 25 additional Faces for EACH gender. That's 50 new Faces! And these will all be available in every Trade Post, so no more having to find a Traveling Merchant just to get a new face.

    That's all for now but stay tuned because there will be a more in-depth announcement coming a day or so prior to the update. Thanks everyone =)
    01-14-2010 08:22 PM
  15. Varking's Avatar
    As another update, not from the developers, if you were having "Force close" issues playing the game they should be fixed now. For some reason almost all morning people would log in and be kicked right out because of the force close bug. I have been playing for two hours now without getting booted. Good luck!
    01-15-2010 07:09 PM
  16. Varking's Avatar
    If you guys were having nonstop force close issues, they should be better now. I played the game all last night and this morning while dropping my old lady off for work and it hasn't force closed on me yet.
    01-16-2010 09:39 AM
  17. Varking's Avatar
    Here are the full notes for the Monday patch:

    Full Details for Monday Update
    If you've read the previous Update Hut post, you know that the game servers will be going down for an update tomorrow, Jan 18th at 10:30AM (US Central time). Here's a complete rundown of all the changes...

    City Mechanics
    Dump Prices - Crystal will now be dumped for 8 Gold each and Oil will be dumped for 4 Gold each.

    Extending Golem timers - Golem timers will now grow to a max of 12 mins. After the update, they will begin at the 6 mins and slowly grow to the 12 min max.

    Better Raids - A successful Raid will now give the player 50% of what that building was storing instead of the 20% previously.

    Burning Buildings
    It will now take 20 Crude Oil to start any building on fire. You will still have to attack a building to reduce its HP to 50%. Once it reaches 50%, your character will automatically stop attacking and you'll have to tap the target building. Choose the option to spend 20 Crude and set the building aflame. The burning icon will show and it will still take the same amount of time to burn as it did before.

    In-game Notifications
    Preferences - In addition to the Notifications options that are already live and accessible in your Profile, there will be another option called "Preferences." This will let you customize your preferences for some in-game settings such as whether you want to receive notifications when your wells are full, whether you want to send or receive notifications when you or others sign on, and a few others.

    New Content
    50 new Faces - There will now be 25 additional Faces for each gender available in every Trade Post.

    Dog Faces - Also available in the Trade Post, there will be 5 new Dog Faces, allowing you to change the breed of your Dog.

    Roc Shrine Tickets - Now you can acquire tickets to your Roc Shrines for Food which can then be sold or given away. Each ticket will say the Player's name and the name of the Roc Shrine. Just tap one of your Roc Shrines and you'll see the option to print some Tickets. These can then be given away or sold in Trade Posts so players can get easy access to nearby Dungeons and other landmarks.
    01-17-2010 07:45 PM
  18. Varking's Avatar
    If you guys need help in game feel free to contact me, Varking, in game or join the trade and help chat channels by going into menu, chat, and checking the trade and help tabs. I am usually on for a good two or three hours a day now.
    01-19-2010 09:15 AM
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    Get your Christmas swag while you still can!

    All the Holiday Items are currently on sale at 30% off until Jan 25th. After that they will no longer be restocked at the Trade Posts.

    None of the items offered this year will be available next year. This means all the holiday items from this year will become relic collectibles. Next year, we may offer something slightly similar but there will always be noticeable differences.

    Hope you enjoy the new update. Have fun everyone!
    01-21-2010 08:42 PM
  20. Gilby3000's Avatar
    Just wanted to let everyone know that Parallel Kingdom is still alive and well and FREE!

    In fact, there's new features being released tomorrow (March 4th) at 3:30 PM

    New Features Include:
    Special Metal Weapons

    Read about the new features here
    03-03-2010 04:10 PM
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    if you want a good referral code that gives you 1000 free gold and 300 much needed food use this one, (wcqcq) without the parentheses. Enjoy!
    06-24-2010 03:03 PM
  22. androidnoob88's Avatar
    if you want a good referral code that gives you 1000 free gold and 300 much needed food use this one, (wcqcq) without the parentheses. Enjoy!
    06-24-2010 03:05 PM
  23. Gilby3000's Avatar
    Just wanted to post a very useful tip for Parallel kingdom players, if you become a Fan of the Parallel Kingdom facebook page, you will get 100 free Food.

    Make sure you follow the official instructions to be counted though.
    07-14-2010 11:58 AM
  24. Gilby3000's Avatar
    Just released a bunch of new content

    - New monsters
    - New skills
    - New Weapons
    - New pets
    - And a new dungeon (Dragon's Lair!)

    Would love to hear some feedback on the new stuff
    07-26-2010 04:48 PM