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    JeweLife was created to test my skills in game development, but my friends and colleagues got very excited with Relaxing Mode, so it turned into a full scale Google Play project. Created with passion for puzzle and casual games, JeweLife brings a fresh breath into immortal match 3 puzzle genre. Match 3 jewels of the same color and shape, activate stunning visual and sound effects, enchanted by action style soundtracks.

    JeweLife features include, but not limited to:

    - Brand new Relaxing Mode, when 3 jewels is enough for creating a powered jewel. The Relaxing Mode brings a lot of fun to the match 3 genre, you should definitely check this out.

    - Sign in with Google+ to access 5 Leaderboards, numerous achievements are in development.

    - Create 7 types of unique powered jewels by matching four or more jewels together. Match the powered jewels for activating stunning visual and sound effects.

    - Challenge yourself in Blitz or Timed mode, and watch how your skill improves over time.

    - 5 game modes to play: Relaxing, Classic, Endless, Timed and Blitz.

    - 3 action style soundtracks, well suited for the match three genre.

    - 7 creative fantasy backgrounds.

    06-29-2013 05:13 PM
  2. Mikhail77's Avatar
    A quick update for all who might be interested: basic help screen and 7 more achievements have been added to the game during these days. More to come.
    07-03-2013 04:34 PM

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