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    This is the most versatile UPNP/DLNA App Ive seen. It is no longer just audio, video and photos. This App supports PDF, HTML and one can even invoke the app using the Android content sharing link. That very much means any content. The playlist handling is very unique (need to use the PlayOn TV Receiver by the same developer), too. It allows you to share the queue with a bunch of other phones. Apparently this playlist is implemented on the TV side.

    The other thing I like about this App is its UI simplicity. The UI is so organized that you would never have to wonder what to do the next as in many Apps. The features of this App are actually quite complex, or more complex than that of most of its competitors, but the UI is very straight forward. The most obvious move is usually the right move, and if it turns out wrong there is a obvious way out. The more complicated controls were put under the menu button so they would not be seen unless you want to see them. That takes the confusion out completely.

    There are some compatibility issues with some DLNA TV . It appears that not every DLNA command is working. But honestly, I have not seen one that is 100% working for all models. Ive used this App for Samsung and Sony TV. Both work well. But I am not able to get it to work for a LG. The best bet, I believe, is to get a muscle 2-core/4-core set-top box and go with the matching PlayOn TV Receiver. It is going to be a lot better than the built-in unit running in a TV.
    07-15-2013 10:30 AM

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